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This traditional form (well known as EUCARBON® in human usage) acts both as a mild laxative and antidiarrhoeal.

The main uses in the different species are as follows: EUCARVET®

Equines It is mainly used as anti flatulence remedy, controlling the peristaltic movement of the intestine. Its anti-toxic and anti-diarrhoeal ingredients reduce the loss of electrolytes in case of an infection or sweating. So it is recommended to be given to horses during the hot period and the racing seasons. The frequent use of EUCARVET® granules will reduce the occurrence of constipation and colic's and regulates digestion in general.
Ruminants  The species of this group are sheep, goats, cattle, buffalos and camels. Due to their type of the digestion system and their type of feed it is recommended to add EUCARVET® granules to the ratio in order to regulate the digestion functions. It is used in case of bloat, tympani, food poisoning, enteritis, diarrhoea and liquid loss. As this species is grazing in the open areas, incidences of poisoning caused by insecticides are quite frequent.
Avians The members of this group are chicken, ducks, geese and turkeys. The avian are one if the most sensitive animals so the additive use of EUCARVET® granules to the ratio will be helpful. It can be used in case of diarrhoea, food poisoning and intoxication.
Dogs & Cats The main effect of EUCARVET® tablets tablets or granules is anti-toxic and it is specially recommended in case of poisoning by food and pesticide and is used as an universal anti-dote.