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Feed Supplement for horses, ruminants, pigs, dogs, cats and fowl

to support the digestive function

The well known traditional formulation of EUCARBON® which is well established and distributed world-wide for human treatment for 100 years - is now available in a particularly adapted form for the treatment of animals

EUCARVET® has positive effects on the digestive tract especially in animals with high levels of productivity particularly going through a productivity phase with high physical strain, such as fattening and reproduction and during the relaxation period after physical stress.

  • possible INDICATIONS
horses Intestinal colic attacks caused by constipation or tympanites, diarrhea
ruminants tympanites incl. chronic tympanites of calves, rumen acidosis, rumen alkalosis, diarrhea
pigs constipation, diarrhea, bloated stomach during the birth
dogs/cats constipation, diarrhea, intoxication
fowl diarrhea

Folium Sennae laxative, stimulating peristalsis
Extractum Rhei laxative, stimulating peristalsis
Carbo ligni (C. vegetabilis) adsorbtive, antidiarrhoeal, detoxicating
Sulphur depuratum antiseptic, laxative
Aetheroleum Menthae pip. production of gastric fluid
Aetheroleum Foeniculi production of gastric fluid


Reports from a number of veterinarians at home and abroad who used EUCARBON® confirm the excellent efficacy of EUCARVET®.

EUCARVET® is available in various packages,
adapted to the repective animal species.